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Featured Speakers 2019

Dr. Tom Jenkins

Dr. Tom Jenkins has been working in, researching, writing about, and providing trainings for RTI/MTSS for the last eighteen years.  Dr. Jenkins received his Master’s Degree and Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology from James Madison University, and went on to receive his Doctoral Degree from the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia.  While at UVA he received the Marie Newton Scholarship and the Raven Society Fellowship in recognition for his contributions to the field of education and his academic and scholarly excellence.  He is the author of the book When A Child Struggles in School, which provides a user friendly explanation of the traditional standardized testing process and Response to Intervention for educators and parents.  He has authored several other research articles, chapters, CD Roms, and training packages all dealing with components of RTI/MTSS. 


Dr. Jenkins has performed over 500 trainings at the local, state, national, and international levels on various components of RTI/MTSS.  Along with working as a School Psychologist, Dr. Jenkins also is the director of Educational Consultation Services, an educational consultation firm that he founded in Wilmington, NC.  Dr. Jenkins annually hosts the RTI Best Practices Institute in Wrightsville Beach, NC for school districts and state departments that are implementing RTI/MTSS.  Additionally, Dr. Jenkins is a husband and father of two. 

Dr. Amanda Vanderheyden

     Just as all children can respond to instruction (the key is to find the right instruction), all schools can be effective schools. For the last 20 years, Amanda has helped schools use their data to become more effective. She has built, refined, and studied now widely-used tactics including:

  • the Can’t Do/Won’t Do assessment

  • Academic screening measures

  • RtI decision models to guide allocation of instructional resources

  • Classwide math intervention

     After a career as a district leader and faculty member at LSU and UCSB, Amanda started her own consulting business in 2007. Since 2007, she has given keynote addresses across the country to state departments of education and school psychology organizations in 28 states.

She has directed and evaluated school-wide improvement efforts with strong results on student learning; while gaining an appreciation for how hard it is to get effective tactics used consistently in classrooms.

During Amanda’s career, technology has become the new frontier of education. Amanda built Intervention Adviser and now Spring Math, bringing together all that she has learned about effective system improvement in schools: accurate and efficient assessment as a gateway to instructional enhancement, high-yield intervention delivery, and managing system change in schools, to help teachers help more children experience mathematics success.

She is fully engaged in the ongoing development and enhancement of Spring Math and considers it the most meaningful and fun work of her life so far.

  Dr. Seth Aldrich

Dr. Seth Aldrich is a certified bilingual school psychologist, as well as a NY State licensed psychologist.  With over 30 years of school-based experience as a school psychologist, Seth works with several school districts concerning Multi-Tiered System of Supports for academic and behavioral difficulties.  Seth consults with educators to utilize FastBridge Learning assessments as well as other RTI/MTSS assessments for data-based decision-making within a tiered problem solving process.  He is a consortium member with the New York State Middle School Demonstration Project (formerly Response to Intervention Technical Assistance Center), and works primarily with English learners (ELs), as well as family court involved youth in his private practice.  Seth’s most recent publication is the book: RTI for English Language Learners: Understanding, Differentiation and Support

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